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GeoPad FAQ


When purchasing a license on GeoPad, a one-year subscription follows.

During this year, you have support on the program and the opportunity to install the versions we release, even if there is a name change due to the turn of the year. If the subscription has expired or is about to expire, an extension can be ordered via this link: Uppdatera GeoPad prenumerationsavtal.

The program will also not stop working after the subscription has expired, it is only the possibility to install new versions and the right to support that is affected.


Geopad can be used with 3 different license types

  • SD card Hardware lock (A USB slot is required)
  • Hard disk (Only for tablets / PC with Win 7 and up
  • You fill in the code the first time you start the program, the dialog also shows the hardware ID.

For all license types, a hardware ID is read out, to which a code is then created, which is entered when GeoPad is started.

You can read which license you have under Help > About GeoPad

When downloading the program from our website, you choose a PDA. When you install the program, you choose how the license is to be handled.

– Windows Tablet / PC

Note: SD or microSD does not work on tablets or where you use regular windows (Win7-)

If a message about “Side by side-configuration” appears when you start GeoPad, then you have not installed the MFC package needed in windows. Link to MFC package. Select “vcredist_x86.exe”


To read about how to install / upgrade Geopad, click on the link below

Installing GeoPad on PDA

Which instruments and PDAs are supported (SWE)

Supported languages: Danish, Estonian, English (Default, Always), Finnish, French, Dutch, Norwegian, Poland, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Czech, German

Other questions

License questions:


Urgent questions: +46856280801