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Be more effective with BricsCAD in your project

BricsCAD is a modern and advanced CAD system that is developed by Bricsys, part of Hexagon. SBG is offering this software to its clients as a compliment to further strengthen the clients possibility to handle AutoCAD DWG and deliver data.

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BricsCAD is a modern and advanced CAD system that is developed by Bricsys, part of Hexagon.

SBG is now offering this system on the Swedish market. Many of our users has expressed a need to easier handle CAD models, usually in AutoCAD DWG format, and this is a solution that fit that description.

Operative system / Plattform

BricsCAD support all the major plattforms, Windows, MacOS, Linux


  • BricsCAD lite för 2D
  • BricsCAD Pro för 2D & 3D, also some Civil functions.
  • BricsCAD BIM, building systems handling in projects

Flexible licensing

  • Single user with flexible keys
  • Network based licens for multi users
  • Buy or rent BricsCAD, as it fit your projects
BricsCAD advantages
  • AutoCAD DWG compatible
  • No forced maintenance agreements, only flexible licens options
  • Recognizable for AutoCAD users, Ribbons
  • Automatic transferring of configurations, such as CTB, STB, Layer states, Templates, Utilities
  • Intelligent solutions, QUAD, Heads-up dialogues
  • Support multi threading and multi processors

BricsCAD opens and saves AutoCAD DWG files directly and delivers the highest compatibility with AutoCAD DWG. Bricsys is one of the members of ODA (Open Design Alliance), the other approved source for AutoCAD DWG.


There are special functions we want to make you aware of

  • Convert multi appearance of objects to block definitions
  • The QUAD, AI command ribbon
  • Civil functions, TIN, Road definitions
Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Read more about BIM handling with BricsCAD in your projects

Link to BricsCAD BIM

System recommendations

See Bricsys homepage for information about system recommendations for BricsCAD

Link to system recommendations for BricsCAD