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Fieldtool SmartDirt

Improve a coherent view and collaboration at your construction site

SmartDirt is developed for all project members in a construction project. The application provides access to the different models used, in you phone or tablet. By providing SmartDirt and get access to tha data, you will improve common visibility and, for example, identify risks and error in an early stage.

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SmartDirt makes it possible for all project members to get access to design/survey models otherwise restricted to surveyors and machines. This will enable a common view of the site and an opportunity to identify errors and risks in an early stage, and support in planning. In addition you will find functions for basic measurement and calculations of volumes. Taken notes and photos can then be shared directly or via cloud service ConX.

The licensing of the solutions makes it possible for all members at the project to get access.

SmartDirts benefits
  • Everone share the same models
  • Orientations in 2D och 3D
  • Volume calculation of subset of precalculated areas
  • Measure distances
  • Document using phone camera and notes
  • Share documentation direct or through ConX cloud solution
  • Runs on IOS and Android handhelds 
  • Models are created in Geo Professional or Agtek Gradework
  • sharing direct or through ConX.