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The cloud solution that connects field devices to the office 


ConX from Leica is the link between office and field, but also a solution that helps you keep track of everything from mass movements to identifying security risks on site or visualizing for example your progress in field. 

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ConX is the software that helps you connect the office with reality. By connecting Geo Professional to ConX, you get the opportunity to share and receive data from our various field devices directly from the Geo Professional software. You can also see the location and name of your connected devices directly on your screen. You have the opportunity to choose in a simple and clear way which device or units who should have access to a specific model by assigning it to a machine or a type of units e.g. excavators that are on site. Likewise, we can access measured data for further use in Geo Professional. This simplifies the workflow and minimizes the risk of data loss.  

ConX safety awareness 

With the help of a heatmap, you can quickly and easily identify the project’s potential safety risks and fix them before an accident occurs. 

ConX Productivity Tracking 

With measurement data from both machines and hand-held equipment at the workplace, you can directly in ConX create 3D surfaces for volume-based comparison against your production models. In this way, you can quickly get an idea of the project’s progress and remaining mass movements.  

Remote Support 

ConX offers the possibility of remote communication between office and machine, which minimizes the risk of operational disruptions. You can quickly and without unnecessary travel costs connect in real time to machines to handle, for example, training, updating and troubleshooting. 

For more information on the functionality of the full system, see Leica ConX – Cloud Solution & Web Interface to Share and Visualise Data | Leica Geosystems (

  • Assign Drawings and 3D models to field crew 
  • Visualization of drawings and 3D models in a clear way 
  • Remote support without unnecessary travel 
  • Volume-based comparison against your production models
  • Works for SBG’s GeoPad, Geo Professional and SmartDirt 
  • Works for Leica Machine Control as well as the iCON Site and Captivate 
  • Works for Leica’s Earthmover system 
  • Works with Leica’s Safety Awareness system 
  • Also works for some 3rd party solutions such as SkyMap and Infrakit