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This is SBG
- Svensk Byggnadsgeodesi

We develop software for surveying

Svensk Byggnadsgeodesi supplies tools for the office as well as different solutions for field work. Our main focus is to develop tools that increases the productivity in the construction process relating to surveying and calculation.


Field of work

We work mostly in Scandinavia, and our close cooperation with the customer means that the company’s products are constantly evolving and at the forefront. Svensk Byggnadsgeodesi (SBG) was founded in 1970 and has its office in Marieberg, Stockholm.


In 1975, the first programs were sold externally in the form of cassettes to Compucorp’s portable calculators. SBG’s software has since followed computer and operating system development and been providing for the construction industry. The system of measurement, calculation and mapping was named Geo and is today a powerful graphical and numerical tool. The company was acquired in 2007 by Hexagon AB and is now a wholly owned subsidiary of the group.

Our biggest customers include construction companies, measurement consultants, municipalities, contractors and surveying offices.


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Fredrik Bergner

Business/Operations Manager

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Susanne Liedman


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Fredrik Ström


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