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When purchasing a license on Geo, a one-year subscription follows. During this year, you have support on the program and the opportunity to install the versions we release, even if there is a name change due to the turn of the year. If the subscription has expired or is about to expire, an extension can be ordered via this link: Update Geo professional subscription

The program will also not stop working after the subscription expires, it is only the possibility to install new versions and the right to support that is affected.

If the license is linked to a hardware lock, the information on it also needs to be renewed. Information on how to do this can be found here: Update hardware lock Dongle tool.


Different licenses

To run Geo Professional, a license is required. There are two types of license: the one that goes against a hardware lock and the one that connects to our license server.

– Hardware lock

The solution with hardware lock is for a simultaneous user and the lock must be on the computer that will run Geo. Keep in mind that drivers must be installed before the computer can talk to the lock and Geo can use this type of license. You can find the latest drivers on the Geo download page.

– Network license

Network license requires Internet connection throughout Geo operation. However, the program is installed locally. This solution enables several users to run the program at the same time and the number of users is determined by how many people need to be able to use it at the same time.

– Change of network license code

Open an Explorer > Copy the following: % LOCALAPPDATA%\sbg\geo > Paste into the address bar of your Explorer > Locate the “Certificate.xml” file and Rename / Delete it. The next time you start Geo Professional, you will have to enter a new code.

– Connect network license to hardware lock

With a network license, it is also possible to connect one or more hardware locks, which are then used to check out modules from the module pool for a limited time. If there is a problem with the possibility of connecting, this is a flexible solution. Contact our support or order department if you want more information about it.


– First time on a new computer

Download a complete installation file here. When the download is complete, double-click the file. Note that administrator privileges are usually required. A menu now to agree to the license agreement. Check the box and press next. After installation is finished, a dialog pop up. Click finish.

– Update

If Geo is to be updated with a new version, it is sufficient to download the installation file for the program only. On the download page there are two choices, complete and only msi. In this case, it is the msi file that is relevant. The main difference between these files is that the msi file only contains Geo and a menu like the one above does not appear. Follow the instructions during the installation process. After Geo 2022.1 it is only one file.

– Drivers for hardware locks

For Windows 7 / 8.x / 10/11

Drivers can be installed by downloading the drivers here. NOTE! The hardware lock should not be in the computer during installation.

For Windows 10/11 the drivers should be found automatically. If they don’t, use above instructions.

– Pointcloud

After 2022.1 the pointcloud features are installed with Geo. If older version, use the Complete package and install “Pointcloud Utility”

– Can I have several different versions of Geo installed at the same time?

Yes, it is entirely possible. Just make sure that the program path is not the same as the first installation. However, it is not possible to install an older version over a newer one. Then the newer one must first be uninstalled.

– Uninstall

Geo is most easily uninstalled via Start > Settings > Apps. If a new version is to be installed, it is important to uninstall the old one first if it is not to remain (applies to versions, 2014-) as there are common files between the versions. If e.g. Geo 2016 is installed on a computer that already has Geo 2015 and this version since uninstalled, Geo 2016 will not work fully or not at all.

Geo don't start after installation

– General

First, check that Windows is up to date. Click on the windows flag and gear, select “Updates and security”. Install these and restart the computer.

A message that a dll file is missing (eg GComm.dll): Uninstall Geo and reinstall Geo with administrator privileges, the most secure is to right-click on executable file and select “Run as administrator”

If you receive a message about: “Side-by-side configuration“, “vcruntime 140_1.dll” or “VCRuntime140.dll”. There is something missing in the usual program environment packages. These must be installed by right-clicking and selecting “Run as administrator. Add these in this order as they are listed. You need to restart the computer after installation. You can try starting Geo between each installation if you want or you install them all first

Hardlock key issues

“No matching feature found (H00050)”: This means that you have an old lock that does not work for 64bit Geo, 32bit works though. If you want to be able to run 64bit, you must have a newer hardware lock and updated drivers.

Error code: 7 Means that the wrong license code has been entered or that Geo cannot find the hardware lock. If the lock is located behind a firewall, the doors 3047 / udp and 3047 / tcp must be opened. It may also be due to old drivers.

Error code: 14 Indicates that the drivers are not installed correctly. Fresh drivers can be downloaded from our website. Click here!

Administrator privileges are required by the user to install them and ensure that the hardware lock is not in the computer during installation.

– License server via internet connection

-There was an error communicating with the license server. Error code: X

400: The identification code may be incorrect. The hyphens in the code have not been specified. The code may have expired.

407: HTTP Error Proxy authentication required. Check that the addresses or work by entering them in a web browser. You can also get the error if you have an unregistered lock in your computer.

504: Check if the server is down or if any of the addresses or are stopped in the firewall.

Failed to connect to the license server. Check that the network connection is working properly.

A network error occurred while connecting to the license server. Check that the network connection is working properly.

Geo is unable to connect to the license server. Check that the network connection is ok. If there is a firewall, make sure it allows the necessary traffic for Geo. The error may also be related to the certificate. If the network is working properly, try deleting certificate.xml (%LOCALAPPDATA%\sbg\geo), restarting Geo, and then re-entering the code. Also check that the time and date on the computer are correct.

– Change of license code

Delete the certificate.xml file. You can find the file by copying: %LOCALAPPDATA%\sbg\geo into the “Explorer” address bar

Other questions

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