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GeoPad Field Tool

GeoPad Field Tool

GeoPad is SBG’s software for surveying and stakeout with total stations or GPS, and works with instruments from several leading instrument manufacturers. The program has been developed over many years in close cooperation with customers and users.

GeoPad are licensed in two configurations:

Professional: Covering the needs for a grade checker or surveyor at work. GeoPad’s strength is the large number of reference models for point and line stakeout, roading and control, tunnel surveying, and more. The program also has a number of features for special measurement of various kinds.

Site Navigator: Contains the same powerful reference models as Professional, but is limited to positioning with a simple navigational GPS. This makes GeoPad SiteNavigator an excellent tool for supervisors and others who wish to orient themselves in the construction site with access to the same data as the the surveyors. GeoPad can be delivered with a rugged field computer, or as a stand-alone license for use with a field computer from any of the instruments manufacturers or other provider.

GeoPad Product Info

Read below of the advantages with GeoPad.

GeoPad-system advantages
  • Support several of the markets leading brands for GNSS and Total stations
  • Support several handheld manufactures
  • Support several plat forms of windows, including windows desktop for tablets
  • Powerful – Do not require any CAD plat form
  • Same basic looks in both GNSS and Total station measurement
  • Simple structure, with many advanced functions
  • User friendly, One measure mode for all measurements
  • Productive workflow
  • 30 years of development.
  • Used in over 20 countries.
  • Translated to several big languages.

GeoPad have functions for direct surface measurment total station to automatically measure or stake-out in a tunnel.

Tunnel scanning

You are able to use robotic Total stations, with reflector less functions, to measure one or several sections of the tunnel.

Tunnel stake-out

GeoPad have functions to automatically stake-out in a tunnel with following methods.

  • Cross section
  • Horizontal line on surface
  • Vertical line on surface
  • Line along wall
  • Line along floor/roof
  • Cross section on surface
  • Point from file

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