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SBG develops and supplies Office software to construction industry to solve the daily assignments associated to surveying related tasks. We offer solutions for design, estimates/bidding, geodetic surveying documentation and reporting. The office solutions are designed for interactive work on small to large datasets. Functions are partly built on intuitive workflows.


SBG develops and supplies different software for carrying out tasks in the field as wells get access of information from cloud solution.

Field solutions includes the specialized software for for surveyour, controlling his/hers survey equipment, while SMartDirt and Bricsys247 is more directed towards foreman, project managers and engineers to put valuble data in the their hands.


To connect and share data between offices field undependable of geographic location we offer a set of cloud solutions to fit you requirement. Our cloud solutions enable a digital workflow on the constructions site by connecting offices, surveyors, project manager, foreman with data that they need at any moment and keep a traceability and structure of your data.