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Section volume calculation

Geo Volume calculation

Geo Volume Calculation has all the necessary functions to create, edit and volume calculate a complete road or railway.

With normal sections, side lines, terrain models and sections, road lines, profiles, skews, different layers and superstructures, you build up the current object. To facilitate and simplify, most of the work is done graphically. Output data can be taken directly from terrain models, saturated lines or terrain sections.

In the mass description, fill in all current parameters. It is possible to have up to five different layer types, several different terrain models per layer, borders, swelling factors, topsoil removal and more. An unlimited number of standard sections, with or without interpolation between them, may be included. The standard section can describe all existing roads and railways with all its elements.

As a result of the volume calculation, you get a detailed quantity report that you compose yourself, as well as a file with complete section data that can be drawn out to give a more comprehensive account of your mass calculation.

Note that this module requires the route and terrain model module to function.