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Geo Professional Trench, has all the necessary functions to create, edit and volume calculate trenches.

Using the coordinate line (polyline) and terrain models, you build up the current object. To simplify and facilitate, the construction takes place in the first stage with the help of a wizard, where you describe how the conduit should be designed.

When you have finished the wizard, you come to our classic view with trees, numeric and graphics. Here you can insert several wires and adjust the design of the grave. Determine the thicknesses of the different embankments, how rocks are calculated, the design of peaks, change the dimensions of wells and pipes.

As a result from the Trench, you get a detailed quantity report that you compose yourself, as well as a file with complete section data that can be drawn to provide a more comprehensive account of your mass calculation, excavation models that you can export to excavators and release data to the measurement engineer.