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Point database PDB

Geo Point Database

The module for point database makes it possible to connect Geo to a general ODBC-compatible database, for example Oracle-based database applications from Tekis (Topobase) or from Spatial Technology.

It is possible to make advanced searches of points by setting up combined search criteria. You can also use your own SQL statements. It is also possible to use boundary polygons to control the set of points. The database queries can be saved, which makes it easy to retrieve the same point selection at different times.

The database connection can be configured so that optional columns from a table or view can be displayed in Geo. The points can be displayed both graphically and numerically.

In addition to retrieving data, it is also possible to add, edit and delete items in the database. These operations assume that the points are in a certain database table.

It is very easy to transfer points between the database and coordinate files. In measurement calculations, e.g. coordinate calculation, the point database can be used as a source for known points.

Upgrade from Map Base to Topobase The point database module replaces the link to older Map Base versions in Geo. When renewing Geo subscriptions, we replace existing Map Base modules with Point Database modules. The price for this is the same as for renewing other modules.