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Net adjustment

Geo Net Adjustment

Geo Net adjustment allows you to calculate small and large networks easily and with a good overview. The size of the network is limited only by the performance of the computer.

The graphical user interface makes it easy to plan the design of the network directly in the map image together with the background image and analyze the expected accuracy and reliability long before a single measurement has been made.

Troubleshooting is facilitated by color coding of control values ​​and you can activate and deactivate measurements directly in the graphics and find the best solution. The calculation is performed with the least squares method and all weighting is done according to HMK’s guidelines. For the calculation of the backbone network for railways, it is also possible to choose weighting according to the BVH test quota as an alternative to standardized residuals. Connection to a known network can take place in several different ways, completely fixed, free or with a certain mobility in the connection points based on previously known accuracy.

The calculation is reported in a comprehensive report with statistics, measurement values ​​and quality measures.