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“Auto join” of line segments to polylines

Today we have the pleasure to present a completely new graphical tools in Geo that will make your life slightly easier. Watch this short film (in Swedish) about “auto join” that we just created. This new tool can be found from today, just dowload the latest version of Geo 2015 and test it. In the […]

Geo 2014 official

Today we are pleased to release Geo 2014 as official. This version have received some stability updates, and today we have decided to release it as an official version. This new version can be found at the download page.    

Bild på startskärm för Geo2014

Geo 2014 has arrived

Geo 2014 is here with some new and fresh features. This version, can be seen as a minor update, more goodies are to be expected during the year. In this version, we focused a lot on stability but also managed to get some useful new tools and features. For a complete revision list, select downloads/geo. Extended Traceability After […]


Geopad now with automated free station!

SBG is introducing a new version of GeoPad with several new features for the advanced surveyor  Automatic station setup GeoPad be the first product to deliver a feature to make an auto station setup. A feature which allows the instrument to find and figure out the location and name of all the prisms it finds […]


Extended point cloud features of Geo

Classed LAS data We are now expanding Geo point cloud with support for Classed LAS data, this means that it is both possible coloring point cloud from laser classes, but most of all, you can filter the LAS classes.   ESRI Grid We are now expanding the possibilities of import ESRI grid files so that […]