Geo 2019 with support for IFC-alignments

News and changes in version 2019.1.11 of Geo.


This version of Geo is released as a test version and it contains a great news, but also a revised calculation for tunnel with design surfaces. The big news is support for IFC


Now we introduce support of a whole new format in Geo, no the format is not new in itself, just new to Geo. IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) is an exchange format for 3D data in the BIM world and has been used mainly in housing construction over a relatively long period of time. Now begins the format also have some “Infrastructure Support” as the IFC 4.1 available on the market. IFC 4.1 supports IFC Alignments which in plain language means alignments and terrain models. In Geo we can now read, view and import this format. As mentioned above, in the world of house construction, this format has been around for a period, and here we can extract points and lines for use in Geo and in different field softwares for surveying.

Since IFC files contain significantly more complex data than we are used to in Geo, we have added a new panel where we can filter data in a clear way. In this way, we can easily choose what wants to be visible and selectable to easily pick out the data we are interested in.


In the Filter panel, you can easily make the object invisible or visible by clicking on the “sun”, it is possible to display data on the basis of structure or type. Objects are also searchable with a search function. Selected items, selected in the Filter panel or selected by clicking on them in the graphical window can then be extracted (imported) to Geo’s own format * .geo, .trm * * .l3d, depending on what the data contains.




We have made changes in how the tunnel sectioned from design surfaces (dwg), we have extended the settings under “usage” so that it is now possible to add restriction even in dH. This helps especially when the tunnel crosses himself in multiple planes as is common for ramp tunnels and slopes.