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Geo 2017, GeoPad 2017 and Leica ConX

News and changes in version 2017.1.970 of Geo and version 2017.01.1408 of GeoPad.


New for Geo 2017 is integration of Leica ConX. Users can connect to the cloud based service and manage project data for machine control and field crew units.


Leica ConX integration in Geoinställningar1

In project settings in Geo it’s now possible to use the Leica ConX credentials (for Company level) to login and link to a Leica ConX project. A new Remote Service View tab is added and from here it’s possible to manage project data for machine control and field crew units.

  • It’s possible to list available machines and field crews in the field.
  • Display their positions in the graphics.
  • Upload project related files like reference models, control points and coordinate system to Leica ConX and assign them to different units.
  • Download surveys, asbuilt and reports uploaded from field units, to your iCON office project.
  • Manage files on the server e.g. assign reference models to new machines.


In the drop down menu above it’s possible to select between different options depending on what the user will do. If Field Units is selected, all machines sorted after machine type and field crews connected to the Leica ConX project are listed together with some additional information like last seen, active reference model, localization etc.


If the option Upload to Server is selected, it’s possible to browse for, or drag and drop files to the upload area. Associated files are supported in the upload. In the tree view to the right, the user can assign which units that should have access to the files and hit Upload and Assign in order to start the upload.


A typical workflow is sending measured data from the field back to office. In Download Remote Results all sources, e.g. machines or surveyors, which have uploaded asbuilt, survey data or reports are listed in a tree view. By selecting units, you are expecting data from, the files uploaded by these units will be listed to the right and can be selected for download to iCON office.

The default path is set to the active project folder in iCON office, but can be changed to any directory by using the browse button. The house icon will set the path back to the active iCON office project folder again.


In Download Remote Files all project related files, except asbuilt and reports, available on the server are listed and can be downloaded to iCON office. It’s possible to filter by category, e.g. reference models, control points and coordinate systems, to get a better overview over the project data.


In Manage Files on Server it’s possible to:

  • Delete files on the server, by selecting a file in the list to the left and hit the red delete icon.
  • Select a file and get an overview about which units that have access to the file. These units are greyed out in the tree view to the right.
  • Select a file and assign it to other units.
  • Expand a node for a unit and see all the files the machine has access to on the server.
  • Delete assignments for a unit in the tree view, by clicking on the red delete icon to the right of the file.

Leica ConX integration in GeoPad

GeoPad can be linked to Leica ConX via pairing to a corporate account in the cloud service. Pairing code is licensed by your cloud service provider (usually Leica Geosystems AB for Sweden). When GeoPad is connected to a Leica ConX company, it is possible to transfer data between field and the office.

GP_CONX1Under “Functions” from the main menu you will find Leica ConX where settings and selection of projects in the cloud service take place.

GP_CONX2By ticking “Send my position ….” while GeoPad has a proper coordinate system active in projects, GeoPad’s position can be displayed both in Geo and directly on Leica ConX. The position is displayed in the survey mode when a postion is displayed. From projects listed the projects GeoPad has the ability to connect to from active account.

GP_CONX3From the GeoPad tab, select which files you want to upload to the cloud service.

  1. From the drop-down menu, “Upload”, select the wild type of data to send, associated files supported during upload (Reference Models, Results, Coordinate, Stomp, or Code Lists).
  2. From the “Projects” drop-down menu, choose from which GeoPad project you want to upload data, active project is selected.
  3. From the “File Type” drop-down menu, you can filter file types to easily select the correct files.
  4. Multiple files are possible to select for shared transfer.

GP_CONX4From the Leica ConX tab, choose what you want to download from the cloud service to your GeoPad. Here you first select Category (Reference Models, Coordinate Systems, Stomp Points, Code Lists or All). For all categories except “All”, you can also filter by file type to find the files you need faster.