Geo 2016


News and changes in version 2016.1.950.121 of Geo.


 In this version of Geo, we have focused a lot on the presentation of data, above all, we have put a lot of effort towards the tunnel and terrain model. We have also tried to present our news in a new way. Hope you enjoy it, at the bottom of this page, we have a very simple and quick questionnaire we are happy if you could answer.

Volume calculation

Change in user interface

New user interface for volume calculation from terrain models. A workflow pane is used so that the files can be opened simultaneously in the graphic window.


New calculation type; stockpile

A new calculation type, model toward its own border (stockpile), is implemented. This function helps particularly the volume calculation for piles of soil where we will not have to first create a base model of the pile.

Colored difference model

From differential models (* .dfm), there is now the possibility to create the color excavation and fill plans in dwg format, with user-defined intervals and colors. This feature is available in the Data menu when a differential model is open in the graphical view. Settings for the different colors are easily accessible in the workflow pane when the function is active.





MBS, Changed default for side lines so that * L3D is the first choice and not * cfm as previous versions, it is still possible to select both * cfm and the old format * .lin


Colored Difference Model

Colored tunnel difference models can be created from the tunnel calculations, and can be an unfolded tunnel difference model in 2D. Created where underbreak and over cut is reported with user-defined color scales. The corresponding difference 3D model can also be created in the same function. These models are created in the AutoCAD DWG format. We call the function Compare measured against theoretical and you’ll find it under the Data menu when a tunnel calculation (* .tbs) is open and active.


If the theoretical tunnel is created in the traditional manner with * tun files, abutment lines of the tunnel can be automatically created by abutment encoded in the tun file. For this to work properly, code the left abutment A1″ and right A2, tunnel center can as usual be coded TC” but this is only necessary if the tunnel center deviates from the calculated center line (* .l3d). If the theoretical tunnel instead consists of a dwg file, only the tunnel center is drawn.

If the tunnel difference model is created in previous versions of Geo without using the code TC”, the Tunnel center in tun file must be created for the Geo 2016 calculation to be correct.



Terrain model

Create terrain model

When creating terrain model there is now a setting that makes it possible to choose whether the points whose point code beginning with a minus sign (-) should be used in the creation of terrain model or not. There is also a setting where you decide where the new model should opened, either in a new graphics window or in the active window.



File transfer and file conversion

New file transfer dialog

A file transfer dialog to transfer files to or from a user-defined location, such as a removable drive, a memory card or a network location. No file conversion is performed but the associated files are handled. First, a transfer to / from Geopad or UMC3D.



Grid Model/Modify Model

The ability to convert the grid model (* .gdm) is moved to the Function menu.
The user interface is in the Workflow.
Possible to convert a grid model directly to AutoCAD DWG or DXF format. The data can be exported as points, triangular or grid.





Validation of LandXML files at import. The option is available in the Data menu for LandXML as well.

Point Cloud

Grid model (*.gdm) can be included in a point cloud (*.gpc).


Alignments / Road lines

Graphics Settings for alignments has now been extended with the ability to set the line type and line width.



Profile Drawings

Profile Drawings for road profiles allows you to draw the slope up to 7.5%



Maintenance changes

Changes and fixes:

Stability improvements, found thanks to those Geo Professional users who sent automatically created error reports to the development team.


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