Bild på startskärm för Geo2014

Geo 2014 has arrived

Geo 2014 is here with some new and fresh features. This version, can be seen as a minor update, more goodies are to be expected during the year. In this version, we focused a lot on stability but also managed to get some useful new tools and features. For a complete revision list, select downloads/geo.

Extended Traceability

After requests from the field, we have increased the traceability of data. In this version, it is primarily traceability from survey files and lat / long data that comes with the respective coordinate files no matter what you rename each file to. In a coordinate file which is calculated from measured data both original name of the file and the known points used in the calculation are saved. A detailed report can be created from this coordinate file.

Bild på rapport av spårbarhet

User Interface

Bild på flikikoner

Some minor update of how the various document tabs are viewed for an easier handling of tabs and windows. Color scheme in the 3D view is updated for increased clarity.


  • Download and install missing coordinate systems directly from the program.
  • Check and download a new version of Geo directly from the program.

Bild på nedladdning av koordinatsystem

Point cloud

Again, we extend the functionality of point cloud handling, this time with more importing options, new filters, new display modes and last but not least, the highly awaited export to the LAS format. This also means that a new point cloud engine must be installed by this update.

Crash reporter

In order to eventually get a much more stable software, we have now created a crash reporter that captures any crashes in the Geo and compiles a crash report that is sent to the R&D for action. This crash report are also able to attach a screenshot of what was going on when the error occurred.


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