Geopad now with automated free station!

SBG is introducing a new version of GeoPad with several new features for the advanced surveyor

 Automatic station setup

GeoPad be the first product to deliver a feature to make an auto station setup. A feature which allows the instrument to find and figure out the location and name of all the prisms it finds on a full turn. This provides that you do not have to point or name their backsights.


When choosing to make a station setup so select the option “Automated free station.” Then you have to choose what type of prisms you have and how high standards can have on the matching of known points (backsights). Then start the measurement and the total station do a search of the prism, stay on each prism it finds on helvarvet around it and measure it. When complete, comes a list of points which it is measured and how accurate the station is.

gp_fri2There is no need to tell which point to measure before the measurement. GeoPad calculates what point it has been measured from the points that have been set as known points.


This provides a very easy and quick establishment of a total station which is very confident when you work with prisms in your constuction site.


Calculation of known points when setting up the station

We have also implemented the automated identification of known points in the normal free station. You can find it in the surveying mode when you have measured two points or more. If you are unsure whether the point number you have used is correct, you can measure the point first and then ask GeoPad to figure out which points you have measured. Just click on the new function so a report will appear showing what points it is and what numbers they should have, then you may save it and move on.